Back to School Rock-‘n’-Roll Date Party

DSC_5568“You’ve gotta fight for your right to party.”

Everyone knows this famous Beastie Boys’ hallmark.

When you’re playing a show, the energy of a crowd can make or break your set. Luckily, if you play in a cover band, most people will know the words to the songs you play, and make the energy in the room tangible.

This was the case on Aug. 26. at Spice World. The punks of Hattiesburg hosted the ‘Back to School Rock ‘n’ Roll Date Party’ show to raise money for a few families who lost their homes in the Louisiana Flooding. Over 100 confirmed guests attended the event – some new faces to the scene and DIY punk veterans.

The cover bands ranged from Beastie Boys to Nirvana and The Dead Kennedys. Within the first moments of Beastie Boys’ set, the crowd responded. Bodies squashed together in the tiny living space formed a single entity – a microcosm of emotion – as the crowd lunged closer to the band’s performance space.

In that moment an overwhelming feeling of fierce intensity for the love of nostalgic tunes bonded everyone in the space that provided standing room only. Some stranger nodding his/her head across the room that meets your gaze became a dear friend as they shared the moment with you.

Whatever we all felt in that room became understood.



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