I am a Normal Human Being

“Well, a lot of people think agoraphobia is the fear of going outside. It has more to do with feeling trapped in by people you don’t know. It has more to do with not having an escape from a social situation or place that your in. [That] in turn keeps you from wanting to go outside and do things. [That’s] where that misconception comes from.”

Jack lives with agoraphobia.

“Agoraphobia is the fear and anxiety of any place or situation without an escape,” said Psychology Today.

Going to class, the grocery store or being in  crowded public spaces can cause them to have panic attacks or extreme anxiety. Only 0.8 percent of Americans, 1.8 million adults more than 18 years old, suffer from agoraphobia, according to Psychology Today. Because this disease is uncommon, Jack has yet to meet anyone with the same condition.

People commonly misunderstand those with mental illnesses. Mental illnesses can cause friendships or relationships to deteriorate over time because of the misconceptions associated with them. Jack mostly keeps to himself in an effort to deal with his phobia.

With patience, understanding and research on panic disorders or mental illness, one can help and interact with those who live with disorders.


Caption: Jack walking outside on a deserted sidewalk. They prefer afternoons with little to no pedestrian traffic because of their panic disorder.


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