Jon Hope’s Farewell Show

Leah Rials fixes Jon Hope’s makeup while he gets ready to perform at his last show on Oct. 20,2016. Jon is leaning for California the following Sunday and will be performing in his band “If I Die in Mississippi” at the MTV Beach House.
Jon Hope checks his makeup in the mirror as he prepares himself to perform at his last show.
Leah Rials adjusts some mascara on Jon Hope’s face. Rials and Hope are creators of Girlfriend Tapes, which is a record label for artists across the Southeast.
Jon puts on his stockings.
Jon fixes his hair as he gets ready to play his final show in Mississippi.
Jon Hope poses outside his apartment home that he shares with Leah Rials. Hope dresses the way he feels and thinks clothing and accessories are not gender specific.
Hope sings at his performance with Cute Bangs in their first and last show. Cute Bangs formed for this show specifically, as it was to be Hope’s last show.
Hope plays on his Casio during his If I Die in Mississippi set. While Hope plays, he uses a device that loops sounds. Each song is specially crafted with Hope’s attention to detail and love of creating aesthetic sound.
Hope sings his final song of the set for If I Die in Mississippi.

I mentioned to Girlfriend Tape co-owner and If I Die in Mississippi’s creator Johnathan Hope that his earring was reminiscent of the ’80s. It was made from a paperclip and a cross that dangled to his shoulder.

“I made it myself from pieces of earrings that I found on the ground in a store,” Hope said.

Like the earring, Hope takes pieces of sounds, memories and moments to create aesthetic for music. Over the last year, his music has impressed upon the local scene with its unique sound and intimacy. On Oct. 23, Hope will leave Mississippi behind to explore the scene in California and start new artistic projects.




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