She Named Her Bike Lucille

“Skylar had simple desires,” said Skylar Summerhill’s mother Amy Hamilton Cardenal. “She wanted to be a mother. She wanted to love someone the way a mother loves a child. She was like anyone else.”

Brandon native Summerhill was a music lover, pitt bull advocate and “when you met her, you never forgot her.”

“Before she became an addict, which changed her immensely, she was fun to be with, and delightful and precious,” Cardenal said. “She loved the blues. She loved B.B. King. She named her bicycle Lucille after B.B. King’s guitar. I will always remember that little purple Schwinn.”

Amy said Skylar was a perfect, beautiful baby.

“When she was born, when she was a toddler, when she was little, it never crossed my mind that she would die from a heroin overdose at 29 years old,” Cardenal said.

Summerhill overdosed on Oct. 30, 2015 and was rushed to the hospital in Gulfport. She stayed at the hospital for the next six days, until the family decided to remove her from life support.



One thought on “She Named Her Bike Lucille

  1. Skylar’s cousin was in the hospital the same week, a long tox report on his chart . Attached to all manner of machines and a ventilator we held his hand and waited. There was the hyperthermia. There was multiple ODs in both their histories.
    Skylers mother and I talked about our unresponsive children , had we any squeezing back of hands ? I think we talked about how to forgive them, or ourselves and if they came out of it we would not rescue our children again. This was the first we knew of our common plight – we hadn’t kept up over the years. It’s was too private and painful to share but the family who did know, gave up , helpless in their kindness . This made the soft mother’s hearts hard. Skylar and her grandma JaneAnn both had died leaving a great chasm. Thank you for sharing your words about Skylar. I only remember as this cherub of a baby.
    . Our son lives on and still with alcohol addiction. It’s a parenting shock to know how little control you have of their adult lives. And it’s an icy bath in which you swim, as you say goodbye.


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