Kenyatta Ross Portraits

A week ago, I went into the studio with Kenyatta and Jack to practice making portraits and using lighting.

We experimented with different poses and lighting techniques.

Ky spoke of how she got into photography and what her influences in her own work.

Ky reminded me of a simple truth to photography: capturing your subject in the most honest way. I tried to only use photographs that showed who Ky was (this was the question we kept asking ourselves during the shoot) – who are we capturing within our photos.

Ky speaks with her hands when she is trying to get a point across.

Studying your subject’s movements is an important part in capturing their true personality within a photograph. Sure – you can make a standard portrait with someone smiling back at you vacantly, or you can study them. Finding the true person behind the lens is a challenge most photographer’s face when making portraits that speak or have life.

Ky holds her camera to her face, covering her mouth but not obscuring her eyes.

And then Ky moved her camera to her face, covering her mouth. I felt this was one of the most intimate shots of the day. Sometimes photographers aren’t the most sociable people, and a camera replaces their words. They can create rich worlds of color or scenes that need no explanation in an image.

Ky showed us that day the importance of capturing a person’s true self in an image and not just an image that is a replication of reality.



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