img_1228A brief introduction to Cam as a journalist, student and leader: 

These articles are a compilation of my work at The Student Printz – plus a few freelance opportunities, starting from 2015.

I started my journalism career taking photographs for The University of Southern Mississippi’s student newspaper and progressed to writing news articles. My first news article was terrible. However, after taking a class with Will Tubbs, who I consider to be my mentor and guide to journalism, I progressed in my writing and editing. I began to produce feature articles and in 2015, received third place in the Mississippi Better Newspaper Contest feature division for the first feature article I had written.

While taking classes and working within the Printz, I decided I wanted to try being an editor, too. With hard work writing, producing photographs and editing copy for the paper, I tried for the executive editor position for the 2016 – 2017 school year.

On an April afternoon, I was chosen as executive editor for The Student Printz staff during my senior year of college.  A group of my peers and professors selecting me for this position has served as the most rewarding and humbling experience.

As a photojournalist, I owe much of what I have learned to The Printz’ advisor Chuck Cook.basket8

The staff and friends at the Printz – mostly my managing editor and partner Jack Hammett – I learned how to become a better writer, editor and leader. The Mass Communication and Journalism Department at The University of Southern Mississippi – Will Tubbs, Dave Davies, Chris Campbell, Steven Coleman and so many others – gave me everything I needed to become the journalist I am today.

Without the support of dozens of people with the MCJ department, peers at The Printz and Jack, I would be nowhere with nothing. 

Here are some of the articles I believe exemplify my ability as a writer, investigative journalist and story teller:

The Student Printz




The Sun Herald


Hattiesburg Post





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